I would like to introduce you to a sweet little face you may see quite a bit of in the near future.

This is Penelope, AKA Penny. Penny is about 10 weeks old and was found in a barn with ears full of ear mites and a very broken leg. She came to our program over the weekend and was seen by our veterinarian at the SSAH. After some discussion and consultations with a couple of veterinarians, it was decided the best case scenario for Penny will be to amputate her leg but not until she has gained some weight and is a bit stronger to survive the surgery. She is not in any pain at the time and is lounging around just eating and resting until the time comes that she is strong enough for surgery.

We are reaching out to all of our amazing supporters who may want to help us raise the money for her veterinary bills. We anticipate the cost may run as high at $1,200 or even more. We will be planning some fundraisers in the near future at various locations across the island to meet our goal.

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to help towards Penny’s surgery we are able to issue a charitable receipt.

Please share this post and let’s work together to help Penny have a long, happy, healthy life. 🙂

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