Special Donation Delivered








Special donation from a very special young man!

KCH would like to send a huge thank you to a very special young man.  He recently had a birthday party and instead of gifts he requested his guests bring donations of cat food, litter, toys etc. to donate to KCH.  He stopped by today to drop off the donations with his family.  What a very sweet young man with a very unselfish, kind heart.

Thank you from all of us at KCH, and all the kittens that will benefit from this very generous donation.

Carnival Fundraiser


Tomorrow, Saturday April 14th KCH will be at Pet Valu in Summerside from 12 to 2 hosting an old fashioned carnival for the kids.  There are fun games to play, face painting, small prizes and there may be a kitten or two.  Please come down and say hi and help support KCH with this fun fundraiser.

Pet Valu in Summerside is fundraising for KCH all month with many events planned each weekend.  Please keep an eye here for future events which include a spa day for your pets and a bake sale.

Thank you as always for your support.

Website Limitations

You may notice our website has some limitations right now.  There are no kittens posted to the “Adoptables” tab and no kittens showing under the “Adopted” tab for example.  Our website is currently being updated and over the next few weeks hopefully will be fully functional.  You can still access the forms and apply online though and for now any kittens available for adoption will be posted on our Facebook page.  Thank you so much for your patience.