About Adopting

We charge a $60 adoption fee which helps to offset the cost of care, veterinary care, first set of vaccinations and treatment with Revolution for fleas, ticks, most worms, and ear mites.
If interested in adopting one of our “adoptables“, an adoption application must be completed and submitted for approval.

When choosing a potential home for these kittens we want to ensure they are going to homes where they will be indoor only (in most situations), will be provided with all veterinary care required including vaccinations, spay/neuter and any follow up care required. Declawing is not permitted with any of our kittens and is in our adoption contract.

The application form and contract are available here – application form and the here – contract  so please take the time to read this through before applying to ensure you are OK with our requirements prior to application.  We do require all kittens to be picked up and taken home in a cat carrier for their safety. We also follow up on our kittens to ensure all requirements have been followed and all is going well as we love to see our babies grow into happy cats and members of their new homes.

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