Update on kittens in our program

We are receiving many messages a day asking if we have kittens. Here is the short answer. Yes, we have some and more are coming however none of the kittens are ready for adoption just yet for many different reasons. If you are interested in adopting, we highly recommend you submit an application. As the kittens in the program become available, any pre-approved adopters will be considered first and many kittens will never make the website as we try to work with our pre-approved adopters first as many have been waiting many months to adopt. If you have not been pre-approved, we cannot notify you when we get any kittens or a certain colour or sex as we work only with pre-approved adopters so please, if you are interested in adopting, submit an application and read our website about how our program works and how to adopt. We are trying to keep up with all the messages we receive however we are all volunteers and most of us work full time and have families that come first. We aim to respond to any messages within 48 hours but you might be able to find the answer to your question on our website to save you from waiting for a response. Thank you so much for your patience and all of us at KCH are excited for another kittens season.

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