Upcoming adoptions

We just wanted to post a quick update regarding adoptions in the near future. To be fair to preapproved adopters who have been waiting for a while for available kittens, we will be posting kittens for 24 hours to start. We ask any preapproved adopters to email with the ID number of the kitten they are interested in adopting. After 24 hours, if we have interested adopters, the kittens will be removed from the website, and we will then go through the interested families to look at suitability and taking into account the length of time the adopters have been waiting for a kitten. Only the successful applicants will be contacted. Please do not email asking if certain kittens are still available. If the kitten can be found under the adoptables tab, we are still accepting names from interested adopters. If you are not chosen, it most likely is because another adopter has been waiting to adopt longer and this is not a rejection. If you have been approved to adopt, the adoption committee feels you will give a good home to a kitten. We do expect, as more kittens are adopted, this will change and all adopters will find the perfect kitten for their families. We appreciate your patience and support.

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