Important Adoption Information

There has been some confusion lately with regards to how our program works.  We would like to provide a quick breakdown to keep it simple and save everyone some time.

  1. If interested in adopting a kitten, please submit an application through our website.  This can be found at under the Forms tab.
  2. When completing the form, please take your time to ensure you are answering ALL of the questions with as much detail as possible.  We will not reach out to applicants to clarify certain answers.  If the application is incomplete, we will close the application without further contact as further contact takes up a lot of extra time for the all volunteer Application Committee. 
  3. We do strive to have a response to your application within 24 to 48 hours. However, sometimes this may take a bit longer especially if there are numerous applications at one time.  Please be patient.  If you have not received a response in 5 days, please contact us to request an update.
  4. Once pre-approved there is no need to apply again.  Our program differs from other shelters or rescue groups that require an application for each pet.  You only need to apply once.  Your pre-approval is valid for 6 months.
  5. Once pre-approved, please continue to check out our website under the Adoptables tab for available kittens.  If there are no kittens posted, there are no kittens currently available for adoption.  It does not mean that we do not have any kittens, we almost always have kittens in foster care, but they are only posted once they have been vaccinated and cleared for adoption by our veterinarian.  Please ensure you read the details under each kitten.
  6. Once you see a kitten of interest, please refer to your approval email for further directions.  You will then reach out by email to express interest.  Please do not assume because you have asked to adopt a specific kitten, you are guaranteed that kitten will be available to you.  We have multiple adopters at this time for one kitten.  We accept names from preapproved applicants, and review the applications based on a number of criteria, the most important one being the length of time that the adopter has been waiting for a kitten.  Once a successful adopter is selected, we will contact that adopter ONLY with further instructions.  DO NOT submit a copy of the contract or the adoption fees until instructed to do so.
  7. Due to COVID19, we must ensure all adoptions are completely paperless.  The adoption contract must be submitted by email and the adoption fees etransferred only.  We cannot accept paper and do not accept cash or cheques at this time.  If you are unable to do this, please ask someone for help, or consider waiting until the restrictions have been lifted to adopt.

We hope this information will help make the process run more smoothly.  Any questions, please contact us at your convenience at

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